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One young world

One Young World is an annual youth leadership summit bringing together 1,500 delegates primarily aged 25 and under from more than 190 countries. It affords delegates the kind of forum and media exposure usually enjoyed only by those who lead countries and corporations. It gives youth a platform for their views, greater vision, and ideas that help them create real resolutions for real change.

Supported by counselors such as Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Sir Bob Geldof, and Muhammad Yunus, these leaders of tomorrow share with the world their thoughts and concerns, and express their expectations for the leaders of today.  

Founded by David Jones, global CEO of Havas, and Kate Robertson, UK group chairman, Havas Worldwide, One Young World is a unique event that offers international decision makers powerful insight into where our world is heading.  

The inaugural London summit took place in February 2010, followed by Zurich in September 2011. The (2012) third annual summit was held in Pittsburgh. Highlights included: an opening address from former US President Bill Clinton; the launch of the One Young World 'Social Business Accelerator' fund; and featured inspirational counsellors including Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter and Square.

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The subject of climate change was slipping off global...

Tck Tck Tck

Tck Tck Tck

Climate Action Movement

As they prepared for the 2009 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, many NGOs were developing invididual campaigns to highlight their own concerns. Ultimately, they all wanted a binding climate agreement, but their campaigns weren’t coordinated.

Working with former secretary-general of the UN Kofi Annan, Havas Worldwide recommended a simple idea to unify all these disparate efforts. We created the “TckTckTck” campaign, representing the countdown to the summit, as well as evoking time running out for the earth.

The members of the Global Campaign for Climate Action agreed to use TckTckTck across their campaigns. We then appealed to the world’s advertisers and marketers to use the TckTckTck logo on everything they were doing between September and the December summit. Many accepted the invitation to “open source” the idea—to take it and create original content with it. The summit failed to deliver, but the Tck Alliance is still going strong and now numbers more than 350 organizations.

Who cares wins

Who cares wins

Make Business Better

In Who Cares Wins, Havas global CEO David Jones argues that the most socially responsible businesses will be the most successful in the future. He shows how authenticity, transparency, and speed are the new rules of the game and argues that businesses now need to do good to do well.

This provocative and authoritative book is the first to recognize that social media and corporate social responsibility are not two separate subjects; rather, they are intrinsically interlinked. Businesses that embrace the new rules are set to both make more money and become forces for good in the world. Because all eyes are upon them, businesses that do not act ethically and transparently will be punished by digitally empowered consumers.

Who Cares Wins sets out revolutionary but easy-to-understand marketing concepts with style and wit. It provides advice and guidance on the best ways to transform a company into one that is at the same time socially responsible and commercially successful.

Who Cares Wins has been published in several languages, including English, Chinese, Portuguese, and French. Please see to learn more.