The European food aid program currently ensures 18 million Europeans in need of food to eat a square meal.  And during the current economic crisis, this aid is even more vital; however some European decision-makers want to put an end to the funding.

To prevent cuts to the European food aid budget at the 2012 European council meeting, Havas Worldwide Paris teamed up with four of the biggest French NGOs to devise a bold yet simple solution: Get Europeans to witness the impact of the proposed budget cuts firsthand and propel them to put pressure on their political leaders before they made this critical decision.

Inspired by the air guitar, Havas Worldwide Paris created a community of "AirFooders" who appeared in restaurants and fast-food chains all around Europe with nothing on their plates to eat except air.  The six-week campaign achieved 800,000 euros of earned media, 230 press articles, more than 100,000 AirFood videos, 10,000 app downloads, and 53,000 signatures on the petition to stop the cuts. In addition, it's won a Bronze award in the PR: Charity & Not for Profit category at the 2013 Cannes Lions.

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