A recent study revealed that one in four Finnish children experiences harm or emotional disturbance from parental alcohol use. The Fragile Childhood foundation asked Havas Worldwide Helsinki to help them use their small budget to promote discussion of this difficult subject.

2-0-1-case-studies-large-fragile-childhood-monsters-b-460x250px.jpgBased on the premise that alcohol changes the way we behave – especially in the eyes of children – Havas Worldwide Helsinki created “Monsters”, a campaign film designed to provoke media debate. It encourages viewers to visit the organization’s Facebook pages and share their thoughts – even anonymously – on parental alcohol use.

Published on YouTube in both Finnish and English, the film exploded, and the powerful execution resonated with viewers on every continent. The film went viral: within five days it had more than one million YouTube views and had sparked media attention on CNN, Huffington Post, CBS, RTL, MSN, Fokus, Der Speigel, and many other major outlets worldwide. Locally, the campaign achieved blanket coverage in TV, print, and online media far beyond our client’s expectations. To date, total views on YouTube have exceeded 2.1 million.