About Us

What sets us apart

Havas Worldwide aims to be the world's best company at creating meaningful connections between people and brands using creativity, media and innovation. Our network is made up of 11,000 employees in 316 offices in 120 cities and 75 countries, and provides advertising, marketing, corporate communications, design, digital, and social media solutions to our clients.

  • Creative Business Ideas®

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    In a multi-channel, interactive world of digitally empowered consumers, advertising is no longer about ads. It’s about brilliantly integrated creative ideas. In 2000, we formalized our approach to these ideas and gave them a name: Creative Business Ideas®. These are ideas so powerful they are capable of transforming brands, creating entirely new categories, and altering consumer perceptions. They underpin our work worldwide.

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  • Social Business Ideas®

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    Increasingly mindful and empowered consumers are demanding that companies stand for something more than profit. This gives brands great scope to create a genuinely credible role for themselves and make a positive contribution to both the world and their bottom lines. We develop Social Business Ideas® that help our clients grow their businesses while also contributing vital, socially responsible solutions to local and global challenges.

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  • Our Capabilities

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    Havas Worldwide offers fully integrated marketing solutions plus the award-winning capabilities of our global divisions: Havas Worldwide Digital provides end-to-end digital services. Havas Life is the largest global healthcare network, with 1,500 professionals in 50 countries. Havas PR boasts a global network of 1,200 professionals. Havas Luxe is a global network specializing in the luxury marketing of premium brands.

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